Pascal GuertinBiography

Pascal Guertin was born on april 5th, in Montreal, Canada, QC. He started to play guitar at the age of 15 and to sing by 17.

His his first highlights were in olympic boxing ! At the age of 17, he became the new Canadian champion and was considered as one of the best fighter in the world in his weight category. By that time, Pascal was already sparing with the well known " poet boxer " Stéphane Ouellette and the former pro champion of the world Éric Lucas. As a member of the canadian national team, he fought bravely on the international scene and was invited to the world championship in Cuba.

By the age of 19, Pascal graduated at the international school of aeronautics in St-Hubert, Canada QC… It was there, at the aeronautics school, that Pascal had his first pop rock band and that he won an award for his poetry and was published. Then he quit boxing and started to work for Pratt & Whitney Canada. When he left boxing, Pascal was looking for something special…. Something that could make him feel alive again… In his heart, he knew that science could not fulfill that need and that his appetite for destruction was gone…

So he decided to form his very own blues band, in which he was singer and guitarist. Music was taking more space in his life, but by that time, Pascal never thought it will take it all and that it would make him so happy. After a few years, Pascal left the band and to start a solo career and went to music school, took acting courses and went to intensive song writing formation with the great Marc Chabot. In the next few years, Pascal started to teach guitar, acting and song writing in private schools.

In 2006 he recorded an album of pure blues: Live au Zaricot. This album was recorded with the help of the well known guitarist-producer Réjean Bouchard. Musicians of great talent were playing on this album, such as Simon Daigle ( Warwick artist and top 3 bassist in Canada), Clément Jr Hobbs III on drums and the amazing harmonica master Guy Bélanger. In 2007, Pascal was nominated, at the prestigious Lys Blues awards for : Blues album of the year and songwriter of the year. In the year that followed, Pascal continue to build himself a strong reputation by giving many concerts with his band, doing live performances on the radio and opening acts for famous artists as : Bob Walsh, Bryan Lee, Duke Robillard ( Bob Dylan, BB King, Fabulous Thunderbirds ), and many more.

In 2008, the Canadian started to play music internationally in 5 stars hotels and notorious clubs. His career brought him to Middle-East: Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and then to Asia: Kuala Lumpur and Thailand where he used to live for 2 years. Pascal gave concerts with different international bands and in duo or solo and that makes him a very versatile musician. His musical maturity comes from his hectic schedule : hitting the stage 6 or 7 days a week, 4 sets a night. People say that his voice reminds us of Jim Morison, Bon Jovi and Bono. Pascal is a master on the guitar, with a wild style a la Stevie Ray Vaughan. Either on acoustic or electric guitar, you will feel his inner fire and passion.

Right now, Pascal is on tour in Asia with the band Glamourous and is working on a new album on which you will hear songs inspired by his new lifestyle as a traveling musician…. Surely the most mature and original songs he ever written !!!